The concept and principles of a healthy lifestyle

Recently, when it became clear that medicine cannot only prevent, but also cope with the collapse of pathology that hit it, interest in healthy lifestyles attracts increasing attention and professionals, and the general public. This is not the least driven by an awareness of the truth and seriousness of ancient sayings: art extending life is the art of not shortening it. Now everything is getting it is clearer that the diseases of modern man are due, first of all, to his lifestyle and daily behaviour. Currently healthy image life is considered as the basis for the prevention of diseases. Is confirmed this, in particular, is due to the fact that in the United States a decrease in child mortality rates by 80% and mortality of the entire population by 94%, increase in the expected average 85% of life expectancy is associated not with the success of medicine, but with improving living and working conditions and rationalizing the way of life of the population. However, in our country 78% of men and 52% of women

According to WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease and physical deficiencies. It is not difficult to see that in this definition health is considered as an opposition to the disease: either a person is healthy, or he is is in illness

National security refers to the security of the vital the important interests of the country against internal and external threats: aggression, economic downturn, environmental disasters. If the health of the population, habitat, declining fertility, rising mortality are getting out of the way control, then there can be no safety.

An important place in the initial assumptions should be occupied by the personality motive features of a given person, his life guidelines, which in themselves can be a serious incentive for a healthy lifestyle and to the formation of its content and features.

The structure of a healthy lifestyle should be the fundamental unity of all parties to the material and domestic, natural, sociocultural and spiritual existence of man, realized through structural, energy and information channels.

For the formation and implementation of a healthy lifestyle may be Applicable information system that effectively uses and implements relevant systems of physical culture, medicine, cybernetics, physiology, psychology, pedagogy, etc., taking into account the main features contingent and goals, conditions and factors affecting valeological activities organized and provided by social and industrial, scientific, information and communication infrastructures